Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AUT 35 - Erotic Fair

Admittedly, these images were not taken during my recent trip through Austria. I payed 12 Euro for the entrance in April though, and this is why i will show them. The one above is the worse version of these shots taken from behind the stage. The better version is to be seen in the newly updated documentary/event section of my page. Hey, this new section even features historic moments so go check it out.

I really wonder what the dancer thought.

He was well prepared.

Take a closer look. The guy showing his asshole in the back was there the whole afternoon. He always made use of the breaks between the showacts to present what he got.

The Person on the image above has the name Marcelo Bravo. I heard about him before i went there, and really wanted to take his image. He was willing to pose for a couple of minutes. MAKE SURE TO CHECk HIM OUT HERE (it's good fun i promise):

All kinds of toys

And videos.

She was eager to give away autographs. Trinity Smith is her name and i wonder what it was when she stil was a man (a joke... or not?)

I mustnt write that, i mustnt write that, i mustnt write that, i mustnt write that, i mustnt write that.....

Penis Ashtray

Elderly couple.

10 photogs taking photos.

This was the first b/w entry for ages. Hope you liked it. I certainly did.


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