Sunday, August 9, 2009

AUT 34 - Jehovah's Witnesses in Vienna

The Jehovah's witnesses held a world - congregation in Vienna's Happel Stadion between the 6th and 9th of August 2009. I decided this would be a good opportunity to add a few curious images to the documentary/events section of my page (which is updated with many new shots now - go check it out.)
However: When i read that mass baptizing would take place in two swimming pools my enthusiasm was sparked to go there.

I arrived there at ten in the morning, and after i didnt have a coffee before i had hard times seeing things. i had the feeling that their weren't alot of things to see anyhow: people drinking water, listening to stories about the good things the witnesses did in different countries, occasional singing and praying and the like. Many people (like the woman on the first image) were writing down what they just learned from the speeches. No one was shouting, everybody tried to be as "beständig" (abiding?) as possible.

After I didnt wear a sign i feared that i had to face endless conversations. In fact only one tried to start a conversation and tell me how to achieve immortality. 20 others tried at least by offering to show me where i could sit (although there were thousands of seats left).

The "Silence Please" sign

busyly organizing things

Afterwards the baptizing took place. As you guessed rightle, the people below are the baptism - willing fellows.

The definite highligh of the weekend was the mass baptizing of more than a hundred witnesses.

Signs of Enthusiasm (one of the few i saw).

happily baptized

The same goes for Patrick, who was welcomed and congratulated by his family

In some cases uncertainty prevailed.

Others had problems with the water (i had to wait for long until i was finally accepted close to the pool; i dont think too many were, which makes these two shots quite unique)

During the break, people were taking images of their brothers and sisters in traditional costumes.

He didnt need a costume to be photographed. Great face.

Selling plastic sleeves for the holy books of the witnesses. He could have chosen the place better though. On the other hand, the Golden Time brothel made milions this weekend.


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