Friday, August 7, 2009

AUT 33 - Bad Ischl

I decided that all in all i will do 40 entries dealing with what i saw cruising Austria - 7 to go.

After that i will prepare your seeing nerves for the coming images from the Arab world. I will do this with finally showing the images i took in Dubai. I still think that the week in Dubai was the best of my life, concerning photography. I took 300 images which i still like. I wish i could say the same about the images of my journey through Austria.

Maybe two things held me from taking the best images of my life in my home country: first, it is my home country. As i wrote in a previous post, it is very hard to find the distinct pieces of a culture you are part of yourself. Also it is hard to develop this touristic eye, which is caused by the unfamiliar. I think people from e.g. India would really enjoy taking a look onto Austria, because they dont know this country. Austrians are interested in Arab, Asian or American countries, because it is something new for them (well, and they are interested in puppies and beautiful landscapes, which are preferably Austrian - maybe i should only have taken landscapes. Then again: it was raining for 2 months so i doubt i would have ended up with good light very often)

The second reason, and this is especially true for the months June and July, is, that i simply didn't take my time to explore towns by walking. Every practicing (street) photographer will tell you that this is the most important thing: explore on foot. Well, after i followed the 1000 Austrians concept, i simply had to go from one place to the next, then wait for people to come by, which took me 40 minutes at times (oh my god, Bad Aussee; is anybody there who actually lives there?). As a result, except (or: due to) the waiting periods, I was in quite a rush. This is never the ideal precondition to explore and to discover.

Anyhow: I had an hour to explore Bad Ischl. On foot. And yes, I think I found quite something in this Citè de Clichè (no pun intended)

Next to Vienna (and Salzburg) Ischl is probably the town, which draws the most of its monarchic heritage.

but not like this

wintersports are quite popular, too.

as are sticks, knifes and videos.

small dogs are a favorite all over Austria.

in shame

ice cream, furry

one of my favs; web resolution is not good for it, though.

funny brothel

not so funny dog

Mc Donalds, Ischl style

elderly couple enjoying the music

as many others

no parking without paying, nowhere.

on friday: the baptism of Jehovah's Witnesses in Vienna.



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