Saturday, July 18, 2009

AUT 28 - Knights

I have never been at a Medieval age party before. So of course i was glad when i accidentaly stumbled upon one in the middle of Burgenland at Lockhausen. Of course the whole thing is rather thought for kids, but there are quite alot of grown ups who actually live this thing. At least on the weekends.

a guillotine (which is rather new school for knights)

ladies fabricating clothes at a workshop lead by a woman who knew how to do this very well.

father and son


these Germans were very glad that finally they can go to these events in Austria at well

the oracle man

two more knights

a monk. it is interesting to find out about the different reasons people have to attend these meetings. Some of them clearly want to flee their real lifes. Others like the group aspect of things. Others like to dive into a fantasy world (of one group i asked pretty everybody was involved in online role games) which is conceived as more realistic than the world of orks and elfes et. al. I met one person who did it out of interest for medieval times (well i assume all of them have this background) and who retired at the age of 35 so he had alot of time to spend. His costume was quite elaborated, he even had money of the time in his pockets...

Interesting from a socio - psychological standpoint, that's for sure.
As a sociologist you of course have to ask the question where the interest in these times comes from right now. Maybe it has something to do with searching for the roots in a rootless time, with the romantic idea of slow living, with the myth of the knight, which might be seen as european myth - comparable to the one of the cowboy in America (although not as present)

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