Saturday, July 18, 2009

AUT 29 - Krimml

I wanted to see the Krimmler Falls since i was in school when my geography teacher told me they were magnificent. They are nice, that's for sure, but of course they are a major tourist attraction, too. After you made your way to the entrance you have to pay 2 euros for hiking the trail which you have to share with thousands of other people. Not that i was surprised, though.

Plenty of shopping malls around there. They had a most exquisite range of goods, only matched by St. Gilgen. A favorite of the area is the Murmeltiersalbe. It is sold everywhere and i got the feeling it must be industrially produced (which is quite unlikely because the main ingredient, the Murmeltier, lives in holes in the mountains. Anyhow i wonder how many of them are shot in autumn.

This place is uncommonly popular with muslims.

As wth everybody else.

The best part of it is going close to the final fall and having the ice cold spray covering your face and body. It comes with heavy noise and a strong wind. Truly exceptional.

Now that's what an Alm - Cappuccino machine looks like.

People taking a break at the upper fall.

And finally people looking at images which have been taken before the hike. Not the best background, that's for sure. The photographer became part of my Austrians project.

Btw. I am in Vienna right now to work on it. The next days i will photograph people from even numbered districts, so stay of the streets ;-)


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