Thursday, June 4, 2009

AUT 14 - Innviertel: Ried / Braunau

Before i went to the Innviertel, i was visiting the Lentos in Linz, and the Landesgalerie. There i learned that the Innviertel is the "youngest" part of Upper Austria. I also learned that the Innviertler population is a proud one, which shows in their dance, the "Landler" where the peasants dance like kings. However: Some Linz images first: the image above is taken in the Ursulinenhof which burned a day later.

Inside the Ursulinenhof. Next image: one for the AP.

postcard bike.

postcard fountain, slightly apocalyptic. i was pleasantly surprised that i dind start to rain.

Next day i went to Ried which is famous for... uhm... their football club? However i was quite busy working on the AP: so: some As:

I then went to Braunau, very close to the German border which is the birthplace of the most famous Austrian Adolf Hitler.

Young boys digging holes.

Two Germans having ice cream.

Symbolism in Braunau.

Hitlers Birthhouse.

And finally a dinosaur on the way to Schärding, better: Passau. Next Entry: GER.


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