Saturday, June 6, 2009

AUT 15 - GER

After i havent been in Passau so far i decided to go there for a night. I found a couch via and took a stroll through this lovely university town. The womens quota at the university is very high, around 80 percent, which might explain the Passau girls's friendliness out of desperation :-)

People there are friendly regardless of gender: the man in the dome was in a rush to close the place. He gave me five minutes to go for a stroll. When i returned to the exit he asked me if i saw the organ. No, i said, and he advised me to got to the altar to see it; well i took the above image, showed it to him, and he seemed to be very happy with it.

nice and not so nice architecture.

i found this quite funny.

one of the friendly girls. she was watching me, then asking what i was doing, then offering to walk through the image.

nice light play here.

robot female.

robot humans

the bus station.

the people that hosted me for a night, having breakfast. Thanks Christian.

tomorrow: The Inauguration of young military people in Weitra.


Jesus Tschesolo June 8, 2009 at 3:17 PM  

jojo, endlich hab ichs auch mal geschafft...

lustig schauts dort aus ;)

viel spass noch weiterhin und liebe grüße!

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