Thursday, June 4, 2009

AUT 12 - Windischgarsten nights

Christoph Schwarz joined me on saturday for a three days ride through the Austrian province. Of course it was good fun having him around, and we had a great time. On the other hand i find it hard to take good images when i am slightly hung over. And hung over i was, after two nights of heavy drinking: the following offers impressions of both nights:

The two images were taken in the Tenne, the place to go for older people. the following three were taken in the Altstadt, the place to go for everybody who is young (at heart at least)

please excuse the grainyness of these images, i just dont have time to make every image perfect. also, the batch processing with irfanview is cruel to files with iso 800 or higher. i think it still suffices to get an impression of the things going on the second night: there was the traditional pfingsttanz at the hotel sperl where we managed to get a room for free in exchange for a couple of images. we didnt try the indoor pool nor the sauna though...

i was quite impressed of how many rather young girls have these traditional clothings.

... and know how to have fun with them.

the next time i will make a typology of the "ausschnitte" of these skirts. i think it would look rather hilarious to see all these female breasts differently covered...

oh well, this is the image the urban austrian has of these events... conservative and well, nationalisitc? on this image you can also see the prevailing interior architecture of the place, the walls covered with wood; they really love this style, i find it rather depressing.

a couple of ladies from Germany joined the event. the one in the middle was particularly sweet.

oh yeah, i really dig girls with knickerbockers....


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