Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AUT 11 - DSV Leoben Farewell Game

Last Friday the football club DSV Leoben played it's last game in the Adeg - Liga. After 53 consecutive years of playing in a national league they were relegated into the "Regionalliga". I joined the boys from the Green Elite fanclub to take images of their performance at this sad event. Of course i took images of the athmosphere as well. Some of them were printed in the Kleine Zeitung.

before the match they were having a BBQ. with sausages.

this guy was later collecting some autographs on the ball by players.

he has been the stadium speaker for a couple of decades. this was the last game for him, too. really nice guy. "Monte Schlacko" is what he calls the stadium, and he is right.

the boys were burning their stuff when the teams entered the stadium.

and they were burning a bit more later. these are two of the girls that hung around with them. i really dig how the irl in the middle looks exactly in the camera.

from above.

the real VIPs. i think every Leobner knows at least to of these guys.

the team

burning some more.

the team after the game. the trainer told them not to be sad, and to take it as an experience.

have a ncie day. tomorrow there will be images of a folk party in windischgarsten here. stay tuned,



Anonymous June 5, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

Wow! Again: Breathtakingly great shots!

Rock on,

PS: Don't forget to visit the next "One & Onlies"-Concert on 13.6.!

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