Thursday, May 28, 2009

AUT 10 - some buildings, scenes and people

I know i know it's been awhile, but i promise i will blog more regularly and more often from next week on. still haven't shown much of Linz, which i will do now:

i doubt this image needs to be commented on

Two of 1000 Austrians

taken through the telescope located in the shopping street of Linz

random street image

the preparations for the Linz Marathon were going on.

see above

the two above are my two fav images of Linz

two of 1000; the rest are some random architecture shots, which i nonetheless found very typical for the area between the center and the danube.

I promise to come back with 4 posts a week - next week. there are some really nice plans i have for the upcoming days, and i have somebody who will help me out with lighting problems - expect top notch portraits, new insight into soccer fans souls, some of the most remote areas of Austria (which are below 1000 meters) and... well you'll see.




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