Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AUT9 - subversive fair

This weeks entries will mainly deal with Linz as the cultural capital of Europe 2009. I had the feeling that there are a lot of things going on in Linz at the moment: on Saturday, there were three demonstrations, the subversive art fair (quite contradictory in itself) took place from Thursday to Sunday and the Linz - marathon going on. This frst entry will consist of some images I took after arriving at 4 pm on Friday (I was slightly late, because I had to get my car repaired):


First impressions: the … clowns dancing where I parked. My second impression (but no digital images) was an open air sauna, next to the water. Very enjoyable, I bet.

The fair consisted of 25 booths all of them presenting very concrete projects, which I found quite enjoyable.

Some random bikes in the way to the toilet.

Next image: The EUAA guy giving interview. One of the best projects on the fair: Four days long they were pretending to sell advertising space on Euro banknotes. Some people surprisingly enough, believed their presentation. They played he business men very well, that’s for sure.

Guerilla gardening.

Monkeydick Production, producing ambivalences (?)

The waste bin made of cardboard.

Bottle warmer, or whatever.

People playing the War Quartett, a pedagogical play from the Antipreneurs, which probably was my favorite stand.


Women of the active unemployed.

Man producing the “Verbraucher” a black lightbulb.

Two random people, randomly placed next to each other. I don’t know, it seemed to fit better (=not fit at all) on location. Don’t oversee the Graffiti guy in the back.

The Monkeydicks, again. I like this image.

A biker again.
Man making a call

Girls, taking a break. They hosted the stand where you can throw tomatoes at brands. It tried three times, and didn’t hit I once. I was slightly ashamed.


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