Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AUT 7 - Steyr and Forcher

Of course it was raining when i arrived at Steyr, one of the main towns along the Eisenstrasse. This, and the fact that it was quite late already lead to only a few images:

The above image was taken at Stey Doerfl; quite a lovely area.

I was parking close to the Roeda, and sleeping there, of course ;-)

Two more for the Austrians series...wait, three!

The next day it was still raining (actually the above images are compiled from the two days), and i was getting into the car and up north to Enns.
The Austrian TV was filming there and i was more than happy to see him: Sepp Forcher, the picture - book Austrian. They were producing the next episode of Klingendes Österreich.

Of course he had to be part of the Austrians series.

Enns is quite a nice place, even without Sepp. It is the oldest city of Austria, not only dating back to Roman times but also being a decisive place.
It might be less decisive, nowadays, but still kept its charm:

After that i visited my cousin in Wels county. Again, a very nice place. More from Upper Austria tomorrow.


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