Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AUT 6 - Altenmarkt / St. Gallen

I decided to focus slightly stronger on rural still lifes and details in this entry. There are practical reasons for it, too: there simply arent too many people on the streets, especially not when it is raining. And it is raining alot recently.

Let's start this entry with Altenmarkt, which is decidedly less interesting than St. Gallen. The picture above shows a lonely cup in Altenmarkt.

Andy "the Hoff" Borg is grinning from every wall.

I mean there are nice sides to it as well, e.g. this ivy house, and the old playground, which was spectacular.

St. Gallen is less boring: there is a castle, if you are interested you can visit the Wasserpark, there is a reasonably well equipped bar, a very helpful information office, a spar that is open between 12 and 3 als well, and a bed and breakfast in the center of town which is run by a lovely woman, who likes to show visitors around.

[yes! this is a street image! with people doing something]

many young people were drinking coffee in the morning. there is no university there, though.

The old lady was still shocked because of the heavy thunderstorm. She just did not stop talking. Again: one for the Austrians - project


on the road to Steyr:

Going up north, you soon enter Reichraming, where the next images where taken; one for documentary reasons, the group for the Austrians project:

Have a nice wednesday. Tomorrow i will post images from Steyr, and lower Upper Austria.


martin May 13, 2009 at 9:28 AM  

hey flo. keep the good work up... i'm enjoying every post... and... safe trip... take car. your cousin m.

Miss jane April 2, 2010 at 11:55 AM  
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