Monday, May 11, 2009

AUT 5 - children of styria

Maybe it is slightly unfitting that i post about being a child in a small provincial town; i did never like to be one, partly because there weren't too many other kids in Edling where i grew up. Today i met a group of seven yougsters in Radmer. It is a very nice place with very friendly people, all waiving at strangers, and greeting with their local "Grias Di". Additionally they have a copper mine to visit, it is the smallest in the world with a train going into it, as a youngster proudly told me. Following now is an entry that deals with this romantic notion of unburdened youth on the countryside, playing in knee high grass and tap water in the woods.

Spying on other people is a common game; in this case it was the Ex girl friend of a nine year old. Her neighbor, an old lady, served as the dragon, which shall be avoided in any case.

Close to the Elisabeth Steig, where our mythical Sissi used to ride horses.

The band

Stefan and Marlon

Rolling down the hill.

He was the oldest of the group. 11 years to be exact.

After Radmer i drove to Altenmarkt, which is close to the border of Upperaustria. I got chased by a lady in a black Audi who eventually called the police. The policeman was quite friendly though, and i sensed he also slightly laughed about her. He told me the about the former difference between Gendarmerie and the police. He clearly favoured the older concept of division. Altenmar was a weird place anyhow; not too much to see there.
Later i had to find a place to park my car, where i can sleep. I found one shortly befor the sky opened all gates; one of the heavier thunderstorms i recently went through.
More shots of Altenmarkt tomorrow.

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