Friday, May 8, 2009

AUT 4 - Leoben / Hieflau / Gams / Radmer

Above: one for the collection.

Two entries in one today; first a couple of images of Leoben which recently went through an unprecendet building boom. However, you will see images of some people.

It's incredible how helpful and cooperative most people are. The staged images series i am currently working on is going very well, better than i expected. I found out which people to ask, and when they tend to say yes. Basically they do when the don't have anything better to do.

Gardens in Leoben.

Mowing the lawn. A classic, everywhere where there are lawns to mow. I was surprise how little he cared that i am sitting there taking images. One of the poorer areas of Leoben.

Today i was going up north to Hieflau. This image was taken at the Leopodsteinersee though. I guess readers can see wht i am up to: i try to photograph as many Austrians as possible in the same way. Call it Ethnographic; i expect this approach to result in a good overview of how Austrians look like, where they live and hw they differ.

Well one thing is for sure: they like their beer after work. But thats nothing special is it? This image was taken in Gams.

This is up the hill from Hieflau. I took another staged shot there with a very nice old couple from Eisenerz. I had a great time with them.

A cliche shot. But he was standing there next to the street, i think he was about to take his dog for a walk. So no cliche at all. His languege also was lovely, i had hard times understanding him. A true original. Btw. His dog was as likeable as he was.

The waiting room for the coppermines in Radmer.

I found this sight on the way from Hieflau to Admont.

The girl on the right really wanted to see her image here. Well, here you go!

I dont know why these uys are up there; their beer wasn't ;-)

This seems to be a common sport in some areas of Austria; it's like bowling, or curling, but Austrian style. These men where really good!

Again: the girl on the right was really fun. She really wanted to get that image. She will.

Stay tuned; i'll post again on monday.



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