Monday, May 4, 2009

AUT 1 - Niklasdorf / Leoben

I opened my trip with a visit to the "Eisenstrasse" which starts in Niklasdorf, goes via Donawitz to Vordernberg and Eisenerz. From there it is heading up north to Hieflau (through the Gesaeuse, which is one of the most beautiful places of Styria and Austria), passing some of the most remote areas of Austria, and the going to Steyr (Upper Austria) or Lower Austria. However: Officially it starts in Niklasdorf and Leoben; so i started there, too.

The first portraied person is the former owner of the cinema which closed its doors 8 years ago. If anyone need 200 cinema stools, call him, he gives them away for free.

The second is a worker from southern styria, who moved in a flat opposite of the Brigl and Bergmeister plant in 61 and worked there from there on. Two days ago he got really drunk at the party of the firefighters - the hard core stayed till the end he said.

The girl recommended seing the new firefighters office. Well i didn't.

Later there was a negotiation about the price of the old car. Worth 500, max.

After about ten more shotings i went to Leoben, where i photogtaphed the old supermarket... it's incredible, i still can remember being it state of the art; in the meantime they opened two more and the first seems to be pretty outdated.

I like this pose of young girls, because it is a mixture of grief and bordeom, and whatever else you want to see.

Later i went to see Bambikiller Chris Raaber who spends his last two days in Austria before he finally goes to the USA where he wil wrestle for the biggest company, the WWE. I wish him all the best, and recorded some sound in his very own gym; i took photos of his very last training, where he rehearsed some new moves. We had a very nice conversation and i tried the ropes and the floor of a real wrestling ring. Not bad, but i hit my head slightly.
My mum tells me i am allowed to stay home as long as i want, but i have to keep the kitchen tidy; so far she didn't mention the rest of the house. Well, it won't take long before she will. But on the other hand i can't wait to sleep in my grand car for the first time.

Have a nice time



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