Friday, January 11, 2008


allright, entry three:
yesterday sociologists and other people partied at the türkenwirt. i was asked to play some music, and this is what i did. apart from that i took some photos.
somi and anna played a really nice set, that concentrated on older songs. they also played seven nation army, which reminded me, that i havent heard icky thumb yet. however: people danced.

but people talked, too.

and while doing so, they made funny faces

banged their heads,


ordered fresh beer

talked more

and danced again.

but some of them also stuck their fists in the mouth

or waved the djs

and some also kissed.

when i djed, people danced, too.

after i left the türkenwirt, i went to the flex. some random drumandbass thing was going on there. although i dont like the music, because it bores me (it is so predictable, and soulless) i danced.

others danced too.

and some left.

exposing and drinking is not a good combination for me.

these stairs always look like this when i arrive there in the morning.

if you take the elevator, and turn your camera 360 degrees while going up, this is what you get.

müllmänner are happy in vienna, because they earn alot and can go disocdancing after work without having to change clothes.

fresh news in the morning, yummy.

have a nice weekend, fr.

PS: while preparing this entry i was listening to the children of men soundtrack. although i do not dig the movie too much, the soundtrack is amongst the best i know. a wild mixture of dubstep, oldies, indy and hiphop. and: it features kode9. check it out asap.


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