Monday, January 14, 2008

die unhandliche hand

when flos ex flatmate, flo, came over for a coffee last week, he told me about a brilliant foto - opportunity in their neighboring apartment buildings garden. he said there was a hand lying around, which didnt thrill me too much at first. but then he added, that it was a hand of vast proportions, and that somebody probably took it from the wurstelprater - i had to get it, also because it obviously was not in any use. yesterday we finally picked it up, and hey! we have a new chair. the photos show the transportation process, which was veryvery fun. they were taken with Babsis new camera, which nobody really can handle. well i thought the very bad picture quality somehow converges with the hand's, after it probably is one of the most ugly things i have ever seen.

thanks flo for taking some pictures (pic 8 and 9 are his) and thanks flop for helping with the transportation.


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