Wednesday, January 9, 2008

08.01.2008 _ 12.08 - 13.30

ok, let's start this thing. all of the pictures featured in this entry were taken on the 8th of january between 12.10 and 13.30. if you are interested in technical details, download the images and find out yourself.

scaring doves is a thing, i would recommend to everybody. it's not only a travel back to childhood, but also rewarding in regard of the photos you can take (if you carry a camera, that is)

outcomes may vary, but somehow they're scary. excuse me, but that had to be said.

although i always try to take photos that allow an interpretation with humankind in mind, i sometimes can not help myself and deeply fall in love with shapes and colors. that's what happened when i saw the tree and the surrounding shadows.

entrances to subway stations always offer nice settings. shiny blonde hair is nice too.

when dogs make contact, their owners most of the time don't. it seems as if they communicated through their dogs.

if you find the man eating, you won!

this might be the starting point of a series, dealing with seasonal sights. have you ever remarked the different technical strategies to throw water into the air? well, i did.

this is the end my friend.

yeah. i like tristesse.

the lady is the owner of the antiques store opposite of the volkstheater. she has been working there for 30 years, and predominantly lives of regular costumers. (=stammkundschaft)

one calling, two kissing.

again, shapes!

jep thats it for now. one way communication is not fun, so i would ask you to leave some comments. fr.

PS: while putting this entry together, i was listening to the Tortoise single collection. especially cd 1 is great, and "Gamera" seems to me like the perfect citylife soundtrack. check it out if you dont know already.


jagazaun January 9, 2008 at 10:03 PM  

hey. keep that stuff coming.... i like it!!! good job.

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