Tuesday, January 15, 2008

11 minutes to kill at tintower

it's time for a new issue of progress, so the photographers met with the editors to discuss ideas. before joining them, i simply had to take this picture - while i took a 25 second exposure i pressed the cam on a bench, and while doing so a dog jumped into my face. i gave its owner an angry look without saying anything (except a surprised sound) and she answered: well it's not my fault. however: i like this image, shows how foggy things get here sometimes. click on the image to see more detail.

after the meeting was over i went back to the sub-tram (yep thats right) station. the lady was standing there for minutes, and i simply had to get this shot. i loved how she seemed to be so deep into the story that she didnt notice the cold. when thinking that over again, i found that maybe she simply didnt want to go home...

because i took pics of her i missed my tram. 11 minutes to kill.

not much going on there, especially not at this time of the day.

the following picture would look better as a square i guess.

if you once have some minutes to kill make sure to get out at the suedtirolerplatz; unimaginable how low the ceiling is in parts of the station. do you see the tiny guy on the phone? he can serve as a reference point.

thats it for now. stay tuned fr.

PS: while writing this entry i was listening to Durrty Goodz EP called Axiom. If you are interested in Grime music, it is definitely worth checking out.


wolfgang January 18, 2008 at 8:56 AM  

Another great series of mindblowing shots ... congrats!! I do like very much the combination of different situations and styles you've mixed up in such an inspiring way. Go on, i'll watch out :-)

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