Friday, December 18, 2009

links - good reads

It's friday, so time for a few links:

Check out the Journal of Contemporary Art's online Interviews : Larry Clark, Cindy Sherman, Dan Graham, Jeff Koons, Thomas Ruff and Gerhard Richter are amongst those interviewed.

I don't know why i missed it so far, but DieZeit has an own fotoblog, which contains alot of good documentary photography. Recently they published a series about Mods. Check it out here.

Another great collection of online photography is the recently established Onlinearchive of the Galerie Lichtblick. It is especially interesting because, as Mrs. Deane pointed out, it features work from 1986 onwards, which is very rare on the web.

The Galerie Lichtblick recently exhibited the new work by Frederic Lezmi, who seems to be on the rise in his professional career: the NYT's Lens blog featured his most recent work a couple of days ago. He photographed alot in Arab countries, amongst them a series on Dubai. His latest project deals with the region between Vienna and the Arab world. Make sure to check him out!

That's it, have a nice weekend,



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