Saturday, November 7, 2009

Links - Israel / Palestine

Today i stumbled upon a photo by an Israeli photographer called
Yaniv Waissa
. After it looks exactly like one of mine i decided to take a closer look.

(C)Yaniv Waissa

Yaniv Waissa's photo is part of a series that deals with "[...] the relationship between man and nature and the, sometimes absurd, connection and constant tension between past, present and future [...] with the changing generations. One generation is fading and its cultural remaining is being replaced by a new generation that deserts its’ roots and creates a new, alienated, form of esthetics."

My try:

(C) fr.

I am convinced, Israel, especially Haifa, is a good place to find these places.

Might I add another shot to this idea? It was taken just round the corner from the one above.

absurd indeed

By the way, I found him on the Eyecurious blog.


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