Monday, November 9, 2009


The following images were taken at the Amalienbad, Vienna (although this is, obviously, not of central importance) and heavily inspired by Kent Budge, who's images taught me that indoor swimming pools are a great place to take photos.

Visually it is quite clear, what i like about it: human poses, proportional distortion, color and structure. Only recently i found another good reason: it is a very honest portrait of water. This might be because here it is kept within a "frame" itself, just like the photographic image. When photographing rivers, or lakes, or the sea i always find it odd to put a frame around it.

The bath itself is a must see. It's been designed as a palace of the working class in 1926, and i can imagine that spending time here is better than spending time and income at the closest drinking hole (or at home).

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there also is this telling quote, taken from a conservative paper, published in 1933:

"Die Gemeindeverwaltung trieb einen Luxusaufwand, der mit ihrem Vernichtungskrieg gegen allen Luxus in schreiendstem Widerspruch stand [...] Auch Proletarier brauchen Bäder. Also baute man ihnen einen kostspieligen Badepalast, in dem sie sich gar nicht heimisch fühlen."

Heimisch vielleicht nicht, aber sehr wohl.


Anonymous November 9, 2009 at 10:37 AM  

Pic #4 is the best one, in my opinion!

In summer I suggest, you'll spend some time in Kongressbad! ;-) Another working class palace, this time: outdoor.

Greets, FloW

PS: Next concert on 05.02.2010 in a gay-bar! Really! :-)

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