Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tel Aviv Tales pt.1

After a first and unsucsesfull attempt to take people - images in Tel Aviv i decided to give it another try.

I found a great couch via and spend a day with the flatmate of my host, who unforunatly was busy most of the time. We walked up to the old bus station, not the best place of Tel Aviv, because there is quite a bunch of prostitutes and drug dealers around. However i was also drawn by the unique architecture of the place, which looks like a deserted military training ground in the middle of the city, and which i saw out of the (ok i admit it) taxi window.

After i took some images of the place, i heard this weird metal banging on metal sound. DingDingDingDing... you get the idea. I couldn't believe my eyes: the odd fellow in the image was standing there, pissing, making that weird kind of bellish sound, giving us a big show and at the same time shouting: "No Pictures, no pictures!!!" - Sure.

An hour later we were walking through the streets there when i saw this man, dressed in shiny light blue Nike Trainers and a wife beater, walking pas the pink walls of a closed shop. I asked him if i coud take his picture (well, Natasha asked) and he said: Not until i smoke a pipe. He then went on to tell his costumers around that he was ready to do business, which didnt go unheard and within minutes he sold crack (or chrystal) infront of our eys to at least ten people. He then got the same amount that he just sold out of his pockets, showed it to us and proudly told us: This is 100 Shekels, i smoke that every hour. I then was allowed to take the picture.

Thanks Natasha for the translation and for showing me around and for telling me so many interesting things about the Israeli/Jewish soul.


PS: Click on the images for larger size. It pays.


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