Sunday, September 28, 2008


hi all. this will be the last post from my trip through the eastern balkans and turkey. i had a great time and met so many people, lived through so many things and took so many (hopefully good) photos.

however i will cut things short, also the photo thing. only want to give a small impression of what things were like. YOU CAN SEE THE IMAGES IN HIGHER RESOLUTION BY CLICKING ON THEM.

romania pt. 1: walking from the bulgarian border into vama veche was an experience on its own. as soon as i entered romania the weather was bad, so i decided to go to transylvania instead of staying on the coast and visiting the delta.

romania pt.2: in the bus to constantia i met radu and his friends. he invited me to stay for a night. i really enjoyed brasov, the cobblestone streets and the saxon houses.

romani pr.3:
after that i went to sigishoara, vlad draculs bithplace. i met ada there, ripped my hand open while climbing a fence at night, drained my pants in blood (there is nothing as irritating as a wounded traveller i find) and finally went to cluj with ada and her flatmate. cluj is nice, too.

romania pt.4: visitied copsa mica and took some photos there. got bullied away, too.

romania pt.5: i went to sibiu, met a professor of philosophie at the local arts university, he introduced me to his friends and showed me around the city. a great experience, although it was served in french.

romania pt.6: went back to brasov, visited a small village on the way to sigishoara, which i saw from the train 6 days ago. got wasted with the locals, with tsuika (plum-schnaps). took one of the best photos of the trip.

romania pt.7> which starts tonight: i will visit wild bears. elections are held in austria, so i will spend the evening infront of a computer.

romania pt. 8: buchuresti: dont know yet, this is from tomorrow.

Austria pt.1: will arrive there on the 30th.

see you then.



Jesus Tschesolo September 29, 2008 at 7:56 PM  

ja flotschi,
auf einen zaun klettert man ja auch nicht rauf... :)

bis bald!

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