Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi folks

long time no entry i know. and i want to eep this one short, too. i will leave vienne for a couple day, to go to the Austrian province. i am planning to do some photographic work there, and i want to start working on two new projects. i will be back in 10 days, with loads of images.

i want to start with a pic i took about a year ago. i still like it alot!

as i told you last time i visited the gravelpit festival. some images:

i also visited the donauinsel for a couple of times in the last week.... i didnt carry my cam, but once:

finally my cousin got a baby: welcome to the family Carla. i am sure the little girl will be online here more often:

yeah. parts of my flash cap series are featured in the new issue of jpg magazine: check it out at there will be a full preview online in the next days. that's quite an honor. also i find out that many people actually like this series, an i also think it is my most mature work so far. i uploaded all of the images to my website, so you can see them in a convenient manner: go to portfolio-projects-flash caps; there also comes a short text with it.
aditionally, one of my images made it to the finalists of the street culture competition, held by the european union. you can vote for it, if you feel like it: it is called: with wings and can be found at:
i also updated my the event section of my site. so check it out.

stay tuned.



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