Tuesday, March 25, 2008


let's start this entry with a reallyreally kitschi one: the Osterfeuer in Schardorf (which is about 12 ks north of Leoben, Styria, Austria (puhh),. In the background: the full moon. well it doesnt't get any better. oh wait it does, just check out the following images:


some action, finally. the poor girl was explaining about that blitz: "Papa des blitzt so!"

some (well one actually) was thinking, my wireless flas was a bomb (because it has a red blink) after she found out i carried a camera she was asking me: "Now, what do you do with that?" Well taking photos what did you think?

that somehow inspired that very same girl: she asked me wether i wanted to see hers and i answered, yes, later maybe. Later is good, she replied, because i have to take them before i can show them. that's what she is doing on the next shot.

and finally Papa (the one mentioned before) turned around and gave me... well not a exactly a smile.

i then drove to St. Peter where the party was nearly over. however for some the action only started...

these guys for example. they buit up an "alternative fire" and threw everything with needles they could find inside. a good thing, because that produces, as you know, sparks.

they loved that.
the next two shots show the bars of the two venues. first: Schardorf's bar.

no Osterfeuer series can do without some abstracts. neither can i. i proudly present: the waste of the last season, burning.

if i haven't done so before it now is too late to wish nice easter holidays. blame it all on the early moon.

lg fr.


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