Saturday, March 1, 2008

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yesterday the maximum black festival took place. i was looking forward to this date the last couple of months, because the line up simply was killer great!

first band on stage was called frog eyes. i admittetly never heard of them before, and the played some indy rock that strongly reminds on wolf parade, but without being so pathetic. this must not come as a surprise because the singer is a member of wolf parade as well.

the next band on stage was called dirty projectors (i find it so hard to remember that name, dont know why) funny, how the male singer wears his guitar under his chin... i assume it is easier to play like this (i always wondered how those metallheads actually find those strings down on their knees) however, the dirty projectors (if i write it once again i will hopefully remember) played a very likeable mixture of... well a lot. indy pop for grown ups,with three voices, two female one male, and not straight at all.

the dirty projectors (ha!) were actually a 4 piece band, but the light on those two was simply great so i forgot about the others. shame on me.

after them it became slightly more serious, when the two piece six organs of admittance entered the stage. they play some psychedelic-noisy post (stoner) rock, which i dig alot. no smiles on stage, wrought out guitars and some redneck kinda graveness left my mouth wide open. so i had to put some beer in.

and a roll as well, i really dont like kebab any longer. at least the seller gave me some yoghurt, after he asked 1 euro for the roll alone. sometimes one is simply not in the mood to bargain right?

although Austrians state they call tomaten paradeiser, i hardly know anybody who actually call them paradeiser. tomatoes for me, too.

next band on stage were the fabolous deerhoof which ive been admiring for years now. with their wild mixture of ... well everything, their chaotic structures, that more than everything else seems to follow their bandleaders gut feeling, their singers voice, and their oh so sweet melodies make this band a total winner. and they played a really good show, too.

next to impossible to catch Greg Saunier sitting still.

the final act was as Owen Pallett's (who was also the curator of the festival) final fantasy. apart from the very cool overhead show his show was simply great. i was standing way back, but his melodies his voice, and of course he himself filled the hall. his trick is rather simple: he records his own violin parts live on stage and loops them, until the next part. but he does this in a very eleborated manner, and as i said before, he simply has very hearty melodies. does anybody know why he calls this project like after a video game?

on the last pic he seems to be happy.
i guess he really was.
like the blind dancer.


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