Friday, February 22, 2008


last weekend was spent on a hut in styria. when you go to a hut where there are no elders to look after you, you have to bring alcohol, friends, music, cigarettes, alcohol, foodstuff, non alcoholic beverages, toilet paper, teenie magazines, crossword puzzles, and also some slopegliding devices. dont forget to bring salt and card games. a lighter is not a bad idea either, well, and a toothbrush is helpfull too, as well as other toiletries. did i say alcohol?

it's also good to cook in advance, so that you only have to heat it. heating up food with an old oven is a science on it's own, but luckily enough we had some original styrians with us, who suck these things from their mothers breasts.

the oven

Viennese kids know how to party so they brought a feuerzangenbowle, which none of us styrians had ever seen before. multikulti IS a good thing after all, because everybody loved it.

as the name suggests it has something to do with fire, and bowle, wine and rum in this case, including fruits.

hut - still lives.

Geri isn't drunk he is only playing. Motzi does not play.

because Una didn't carry a guitar nor a CD player, but really wanted to make some sound, she decided for the good'ole empty bottle.

it is a slight problem to take so many people to a hut which is a designated non smoking hut. Gerri wasn't very strict about it (well nobody really challenged him, because he aslo is strong like a bear) we ended up on the terrace. not bad either, but slightly colder than inside.

minus ten, thats right. on the second evening we had minus 17, that was really cold.

the next day some went boarding or skiing, had fun with indigenes or simply stayed in bed. the weather was cold and the slopes icy, so it was a nice decision not to bring a camera. in the woods the snow wasnt as hard, so i simply had to try to jump over this small river. well, i'm glad i didnt fall into the water, but it was close.

on sunday we left. Geri: "Oag ha, wir im Westn hazn mit Brot". Andi: "Wenn i in Wien bin haz i mit Steaks". We HAD a good laugh. i still do.

backfocusing is a thing i hate, and it occurs often. very often. i like this image though. eeeh, vitamins.

the obligatory group shot.

the souvenir shop was closed, and it's owners are burried inside. left: Hansi right: Franz.


Anonymous February 24, 2008 at 3:09 PM  

Hey man geiler block! thx! Lg andi

Örsl February 24, 2008 at 5:35 PM  

wunderwunderwunder--zauberzauber-barbar--trinktrink--rutsch-eis-feuerzangenbowle--einfach geil!!
nein, ich bin nicht verrückt!......

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