Wednesday, February 20, 2008

an examination

i just wanted to post these two photos. i took them a different occasions and the reason i chose them is becasue they were colorfull, one has depth, the other one doesnt. additionally those where the two best fitting i found on my hdd. i was a helluvalot of work to achieve this look, because both are handpainted (as you assumed).
however, i wanted to achieve a childish look at the world. i know this is by far not perfect (eg. childs usually paint trees, suns, flowers, flower fields, houses, clouds, cars maybe) well i didnt have one photo that features all of this, and a person too.
tell me which you like better and why, if you feel like it.

PS: i wrote an article about Edling (the place where i come from) into the German Wikipedia. if you have an account there, please tell the people not to delete it, most of them assume it is a joke. and i dont joke, you know that ;-)

you can find it here:


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