Saturday, February 2, 2008


Last week i was working on a series that dealt with the "invasion" of Austria through the Nazis some 70 years ago. Initially i was looking for some photobooks of that time. After i didnt find one i borrowed videos from the local library and started to photograph the screen. While doing so i had a few thoughts that dealt with the kind and aesthetics of the "remembrance", the young generation has of the events that occured before and during world war 2.
after none of us really can remember them, because we were not born yet, the main source of visuall knowledge for most of us are documentaries on TV. The generation that lived through these times is slowly dying away and in a few years time, nobody will be alive who really has first hand experience.So it is slowly fading away.
Another point ist the consumist approach we as youg people have to these times. We haven't experienced thes time of the Third Reich (thank god!) so we sit on our couches and watch millions being killed. photographing other peoples films is something that can be related to this.
I tried to photograph these thoughts, and others. Here is an extract of the outcome:

If something goes through your mind while watching these photos, please share your thoughts here. fr.


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