Saturday, January 26, 2008

thoughts today:

coming home from a nice evening at the new flex cafe i tuned into euronews. there was a special about the stock market and, of course, it was about the losses investors had. surely enough everybody interviewed was complaining and whatnot. the journalist who wrote the thing knew, well not better, but had some nice comments that illustrated things well:

1. everybody who has been through tihs allready, will handle the situation with more calm.
(indicates that doing this job is not a lasting experience; indicates that short term experience is not a bad thing either; thus: short term cycles)
2. (esp. financiall) are not markets that last on supply and demand; thus are not markets as theory defines one.
2.1.: the whole crisis shows: as those markets dont depend on s&d (remember The Hives song?) they have to be treated diffently; media feature also shows that this fact is well known. sociology anyone?
3. financial markets ork in a very complex matter - one person interviewed called stock exchange the biggest casino of the world.
3.1. is counting cards the way to success?

4. within two days: prater part one.
4.1.: one day more for part two.

5. a website is coming soon.



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