Friday, November 13, 2009

Something for the weekend

Friday is linkday.


The winners of the Magnum Expression Photography Award were recently announced. The link leads you to a site which shows the finalist's (and the winner's) series.

(C)Bieke Depoorter

The winner, Bieke Depoorter, took a ride on the Transsiberian Railway, got out at small, forgotten villages, and photographed the inhabitants. She gained great access, which makes the photos very intimate. This fits her very personal style very well, too. Visit her site, too.


Another Magnum related site: Georgian Spring. This is a project which features new work of prominent members of the Magnum Clan: Alec Soth, Martin Parr, Jonas Bendiksen, Paolo Pellegrin, to name a few. Each of them did a project on the country Georgia (which seems to be THE place to go for many photographers at the moment)

(C) Jonas Bendiksen

I really enjoyed looking through the images. What makes the experience especially interesting is the possibility to compare the different approaches the photographers chose, and the variety of style they have.


If you enjoy Divas, then you might like might enjoy this link . Classy photos in good resolution of many grand dames of the last century.

Romy Schneider, photographed by F.C. Grundlach

4. I wanted to link to the results of another photo competition, but i simply cant remember it's name. Next linkday i hopefully can.


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