Saturday, October 17, 2009

Interiors pt.2 - Vama Veche / Romania

I want to continue this small interiors series with images taken at a homestay in Vama Veche. Vama Veche is a legendary place among Romanians, because it has been the place for dissents to go during the Ceaucescu era. A famous Romanian band is called Vama Veche too.

It is one of the few towns on the Romanian Black sea coast which still keeps it's low profile charm; no big hotels there (yet)

In summertime it is a definite must - see. The best places to stay there are private homestays. I found mine next to the main street, run by an elderly language teacher. Hope you like it.

Tomorrow: A Hostel in Tel Aviv.

PS: if you find time to listen to FM4 Connected this afternoon - they will do an interview about my 1000 Austrians project.

You can stream it.


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