Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halt in Archita pt.3

Flavius and his wife were sitting outside their house when i came by. I asked them for a photo, they agreed. We had a little chat (the Romanian language is a [surprise] roman language, so i was able to understand a few words) and they invited me for a cup of homemade tsuika and sheep cheese.

They wanted me to take photos of them, which they then would send their kids and grandchildren who work in Spain. The migration of many young Romanians is a serious problem: Many of them go abroud to earn money: read an article about it here

Of course i let them show me how they make their brandy. They were very proud on their copper boiler. And they gave me plenty to taste.

After I said goodbye i went to the town's centre again. I was planning to visit the ruins of the fortress there, but they were closed. A young man told me he will get the keys for me, after we had a beer at the local bar. I agreed to come to the bar with him, which proved to be a mistake, because it took me awhile to get out again. Bar images tomorrow.


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