Friday, October 23, 2009

Halt in Archita pt.1

I saw the small village of Archita from the window of a passing train, and i was somehow attracted by it's quiet, rural feeling.

Two weeks later i came back to take a closer look; my choice proved to be right. I saw hardly any cars and life is slow there, with hardly anything to do for the villagers.

Over the next days I want to show shepherds, an old couple, the local bar, villagers.

Today: Street Life, Details - slowlife.

an old couple on the train to Archita

Strolling through the village i had the feeling that people were watching me. I didn't see anybody though. Until i met these people.

classic windows

a girl infront of her parent's house

after there were no people on the streets i decided to take a walk up the hill where i met the shepherd boys. You will meet them tomorrow.


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