Saturday, October 31, 2009

A few Links

I was recently thinking about what i could do after finishing my Austrians project. After i've never been to India i thought it might be a good idea to follow the Ganges river, going from Rishikesh (the palce where the Ganges, thus life starts) to Varanasi (the place where Ganges looses its pace, thus life ends).

Today i found a b/w picture story via (The Travel Photographer which just covers the same area: it is done by a Zhou Mi, a Chinese photographer, and it is called: Where the Ganges flows

(c) Zhou Mi

Everytime i come home from some trips, people ask me how my holidays were. For many people, going abroad seems to be intrinsically connected with holidays. I think if you want to get rid of that connection, you would have to go to Siberia (which is rather connected with Gulags). Just as Aaron Huey did.

(c) Aaron Huey

It is great that he is a gifted photographer as well. See alot of nice images taken by him, hitchhiking through Siberia on his Site. Go to the adventures section.

Speaking of Russia: yesterday i stumbled upon another great photographer called Simon Roberts. He did a roadtrip through Russia called Motherland (thus referring to the fact that Russians call their country: Mother / Mütterchen) a couple of years ago.

(c) Simon Roberts

I love the style of his images and their inherent humanity, and especially his choice of subjects.

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