Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Creation of an Event

Sometimes i get asked where to draw the line between documentary and press photography. Pressphotography in Austria is more often than not, about staging an Event. Thus i find it more closely related to Staged Photography than to News Photography.

Matthias Cremer, the main Staff Photographer for the Austrian Daily Der Standard did a very interesting SERIES on the staging of an event.

(c) Matthias Cremer

The mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl is starting the Schanigartensaison. This means that from this day on, restaurants and pubs are allowed to sell drinks and food outside.

The day was rainy and of course not to many people would have thought about having a coffee outside. Nevertheles the press needed their images, so they crated a completely unrealistc scenario.

I recommend looking at newspaper images more closely. Especially the Sonntagskrone is hilarious. But Österreich (the newspaper) isn't better in any respect.

Have fun.



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