Friday, July 17, 2009

AUT 25 - Hiking towards the Wiesbadnerhuette

Admittedly, hiking is not the right word for the thing: it rather was a gentle uphill walk with crowds of (predominantly) German tourists around me. I was fed up with the people at the Madlener Huette, because exactly this night they refused to take me, because of two groups visiting them. They said they had not one bed free. So, i am not sure if i couldnt have gotten more out of this tourist trail. What i got i will show, though:

this image is the perfect example for what i said about being in a bad mood; a concentrated photog either approaches these people more carefully, or asks them to stay concentrated themselves, which is: dont smile as if i am wearing a funny hat (uhm... i was wearing a funny hat) - you know what i mean.

a women shooting the classic

the classic, shot by myself

stone cow

similar situation like the one described above

i liked her goggles

The Wisebadnerh├╝tte: to be avoided if possible (after i didn't plant to hike it was not possible to avoid, because i was hungry like a wolf)

too small resolution for the string of hikers in the middle

this is not how the textbokk teaches you to take these images; so dont try this at home.

a lookout (got quite alot of these already)

the concrete dam (frequently referred to as the bridge; nobody seems to realize that this is not a natural lake)

concrete dam at night.

more nature - culture shots in the next entry. have a nice weekend. flo


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