Sunday, July 5, 2009

AUT 21 - (mostly) Men with sponges (pt.1)

Not only did the biggest firework of Austria (woohooo) happen on this great weekend, no, also the Ironman 2009 contest took place in Klagenfurt. Although i doubt you cou handle the distance with iron muscles, i am sure it takes an iron will to manage this incredible task: 3,86 km swimming, 180 km cycling, and, when the athletes are warmed up,, a marathon as a finish.

What struck me most at first was the contrast of fans cheering at the athletes from behind the fences, and the athletes, within this corridor of pain. However, when i came across he sponge stand, the sculptural quality of what i saw really struck me. When i took the first image, it came to my mind that somebody won a world press award with similar images in 2008: Eric Refner is his name, and his site is great (although i didnt take the time to dive into it, but i surely will - check out the documentary section which is full of quite classy b/w work)

However, i dont feel i copied him: he took his images on the finishing line, while my men had 20 ks to go. And even if i copied him: i like the result. i hope you do, too.


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