Monday, November 24, 2008

a lot of different things

as the title suggests, this entry consists of photos, taken at alot of differnet occasions, startin with the wedding of my cousin in august. the squares were taken with my beloved hasselblad, and scanned somewhere in upper austria. i think the colors are not quite right but you will an idea of how the images look.

my cousin and her husband.

as some of you know i started to work on a prject, together with wolfgang fuerst. he is a great photographer, and if you google his name you will find alot of his work on his site. however: ischgl:

if you look close enough you will find the bikers peeing.

my grandmother with carla.

making a huge jump into november; i took some photos for featuring a maroni stand (did you now that maroni is chestnut in english?)

copying a picture idea i recently saw somewhere else. i simply couldnt resist, as one of flos friends came over and cooked some delicious fish. thanks alot phil.

after the marriage there has to be a baptising. so carla was baptised.

my dad.


the minister and his helper.

my cousin and my sister.

my mum. i had a good laugh with this image.

at a farm. i always find something to photograph there, it is a miracle.

my sister wanted me to take some photos of her. i was surprised about how many nice backdrops i found in th small town called edling, the place i was brought up. all of these shots were taken within a radius of 50meters.

it is the european month of photography at the moment and so i visited some galleries. there is alot more to see, and i will do the same again this week, wednesday or thursday probably.

es hat geschneit.

taken at 5 pm, overexposed of course, because as you know, it is dark at this time of the day.

these images were taken at an open studio session somewhere in the tenth district. i cannot really tell you what i saw there, and i had the feeling, not to many visitors of this venue could.

alright thats it for now. next time i will post a conceptual christmas series which i took last year and havent displayed yet. i quite like it, so stay tuned.


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