Monday, October 27, 2008

some complaints

as you probably notced, things slow down here a little. there are many reasons for this but the main reason is that i am not really satisfied with the blogger template any longer. i mean, images are not really separated, they are tiny and so they somehow lose their power. this is why i aim to get a new blog design sth. like one pic a day, or one text. i will surely let you know when i have it.
another thing is, ireally felt in love with analog photog. recently, and i truly love the aesthetics of self developped film, enlarged on real photo paper. so i simply dont take as many digital files as i used to. hopefully i can find a way to manage all these issues before christmas.

in the meantime, i will produce shorter entries. so: six images today.

this one was taken at a polo tournament, about a year go. the lady just won the hat ompetition, which paid, because she got a 5000 euro voucher for jewellery.

interior design at night in Sofia

a Mercedes hiding behind Almdudler

a couple in Ischgl

and finally Alex, cutting my hair.

Have fun, fr.


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