Saturday, February 9, 2008

Prater part 1

Finally i managed to get those pics from the tank and upload them here. maybe it took such a long time because i simply didnt want to feel like these images make me feel. Prater in winter is one of the most desolate places i know here in Vienna. Well, some sights are fun, too, but mostly the colors are depressing and the mood somehow ... well see yourself.

the whole prater is currently under construction, so is the entrance.

either under construction or closed.

this ashtray could make me a smoker (if i wasnt allready)

and of course i did some sightseeing, too.

i love this image but as polls have shown it is clearly not for the mtviva viewers amongst you.

i dont have to comment, do i?

classic forms.

tomorrow: the one and onlies. fr.


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